R & D department opened

Payam Baharat has a mission as production quality. Because of that, R&D department has become active to increase product quality-taste and create hygienic conditions. Our product’s such things as sterilized conditions and food formulas, supervised and created by specialist staff.

Do you want to get dealership from Payam Baharat in the Foreign Market

If you want to get dealership, please send an e-mail to In this e-mail be sure to specify, which country you want to get dealership, what is the market size and purchase power in there. When your application approved by company manegers, our trade relations will start as soon as possible.

Our New Website is Opened is ready to use with useful interface and professional design. It is important for us to provide a perfect infrastructure and easy to understand for our visitors. There are detailed informations about products, product’s packaging and bulks under the link of ‘Products’. And there is ‘Contact’ form for more question or other requests.