Quality Policy

Modern Business is one of our ideals. We work systematic, disciplined, detailed and keeping 100% secure with trained staff at the forefront of human health. We sustain our quality system for customer satisfaction. This is primary responsibility of all employees in Payam Baharat.

Internal Training:

Our employees improves themselves with quality trainings which given by experts and universities. In the other hand, we always update employees who are working on production department about quality and hygiene.

Hygiene Rules:

Our products relieved of all kinds of external factors that harmful to human health by following the rules of hygiene and sanitation. Our products appropriate to the Turkish Food Codex, produced by sterilized and contain aflatoxin. We are glad to offer the best and high quality products to our clients by combining many years of written knowledge with actual work.


Analysis of purchased raw materials are performed by production engineers and skilled experts with following the analysis of the documentation on the quality procedure. The suitability of the raw material checked with physical and microbiological analyzes in laboratories. We buy it, if it is suitable. And if it is not, we give it back. After all that process, product reach our esteemed consumers with a guarantee until the product’s end in your kitchen.