History of Spices

This word is derived from the Arabic word for spring which means the smell. Also known as Indian’s ‘Bharat’ sankstrik language in their country.

Spices obtained by whole or parts of such fragmentation, drying or grinding of seeds of various plants, seed, fruit, flowers, bark, roots and leaves. Change in aroma and flavor plays an important role despite the participate in a small amount of food. Spices facilitate digestion and absorption of foods as well as fragrances and flavors. They provide a kind of food hygiene with antimicrobial properties. Throughout the history of mankind has not been as effective as any food like spices.

Throughout history, the rich and powerful countries have been holding the spice trade. Caravans and vessels from Asia to the Middle East and from there to the West brought spices, formed the most valuable products of routes called Silk Road trade routes. The history of spices is teeming with history of mankind. On the fate of nations, has been a major factor in scouting. Venice, Genoa enriched as the spice trade centers. The first written record about the use of spices in foods have been found in Egypt.